The Coronavirus emergency has revolutionized our lives, forcing us to isolation and distance as the only means of prevention and protection. People reacted immediately, launching many support initiatives through economic aid and concrete gestures.

And so the walls of our houses become Art Galleries through virtual tours in museums around the world, the childrens’ bedrooms come alive with princesses and superheroes through stories and games, the living rooms become a comfortable office equipped with the most advanced software for smartworking and the kitchens turn into a classroom where you can teach or attend courses of all kinds. Not to forget the numerous initiatives of doctors and psychologists, but also young volunteers, who make their time and resources available to help the elderly and people in difficulty. In a historical period in which digital and virtual seemed the future, we rediscover the need for real closeness, the human warmth of an embrace.

So we decided to collect all the digital solidarity initiatives launched in these days, organizing and dividing them by categories, in order to facilitate the search using filters.
With this site we want to fill the days of all the people forced home, helping them to find the initiatives closest to their interests.
We also want to promote and enhance all the people who are using their resources and energies to help the whole community through these concrete actions.

Co-Vida derives from the union of cooperation and “vida”, resulting in a collaborative life like the one we are invited to lead. Specially the sound recalls that of the term “movida”, through these initiatives, in fact, we want to offer the same degree of fun and entertainment.
Finally, Co-Vida encompasses the term COVID, an acronym for the Corona Virus Disease, as well as the cause of this difficult moment that we will overcome by staying strong and united and, above all, staying at home.


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